A new lease of life ..

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Well, not really a new lease of life, thats a little bit too exaggerated, but my life has came to a complete change beginning this year, and i hope its for the best!

Am stuck here for the time being :D

Happy New Year!

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A little bit too late, but like they say better late than never right?

Wishing whoever who bothers to read this rubbish piece of space an exciting 2010!


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It's been a long 52 years since this..

Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia, despite everything that has happened, I am still proud to be a Malaysian.

Things i hate the most!!

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yes even though if they're chinese bamboo characters i can't frikken READ owhkay!! God how i wish they have something like this for non chinese reading chinese.

Stop laughing!! KANASAI

Remember her?

ehh not that, this

This is how she looks like right now.

Stunning eh? I'd marry her if i were old no question!

So long

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been so long since i've added anything new here.